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80% of consumers say they have used telemedicine at least once. Have you?

The healthcare sector has grown out of traditional systems. It is increasingly using digital solutions and emerging technologies to provide better and quicker health services to a larger audience. The use of telemedicine and telehealth has increased in recent years. Covid-19 gave a boost to digital healthcare services and resulted in the mass adoption of telemedicine in healthcare.

According to a Rock Health report published in February 2023, 80% of people have accessed care via telemedicine at least once in their lives. But what is making telemedicine so popular today? What are the factors that are contributing to the wide adoption of telemedicine across the world? This blog will explore what is telemedicine and the benefits of telemedicine in healthcare.

Let’s dive deep into the world of telemedicine in healthcare.

What Is Telemedicine?

The word telemedicine was coined using two different words, tele and medicine. The Greek word "tele" means "distance." WHO defines telemedicine as “the delivery of healthcare services across distance by all healthcare professionals using information and communication technologies for the exchange of valid information, for the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease and injuries.”

This simply means using electronic devices, telecommunications, and the internet to connect with patients remotely and provide medical services. A doctor and patient can connect using their laptops, smartphones, or tablets.

Telemedicine in healthcare is not a recent phenomenon. It has been around since the 1950s. Today, custom telemedicine app development solutions are demanded by healthcare professionals and institutions across the world. Therefore, a telehealth app development company is playing a major role in pushing the healthcare sector towards a digital revolution.

Let’s look at some examples of telemedicine.


Popular Examples Of Telemedicine

➤ Video consultations

This is the most common type of telemedicine. With this, patients can see and talk to their doctor or other healthcare provider through a video call. This can be used for a variety of purposes, such as routine checkups, managing chronic conditions, and even mental health consultations.

➤ Remote patient monitoring

This involves using devices such as wearable sensors or home healthcare equipment to collect patient health data. This data is then transmitted remotely to their doctor, who monitors the patient's health and makes sure they are on track.

➤ Store-and-forward telemedicine

This type of telemedicine involves storing medical information, such as images or videos, and sending it to a healthcare provider for review later. This can be used for consultations with specialists who may not be readily available in person or for second opinions.

➤ Teletherapy

This involves using video conferencing or other forms of technology to provide therapy sessions to patients. This can be helpful for people who live in rural areas or who have difficulty travelling to see a therapist in person.

➤ Telerehabilitation

This involves using technology to provide rehabilitation services to patients. This can be helpful for people who are recovering from surgery or an injury or who have chronic conditions that require ongoing therapy.


Benefits Of Telemedicine In Healthcare

➤ Improved patient outcomes

Telemedicine benefits include improved patient outcomes. This is possible due to the quick and timely medical services that a patient can avail of with just an electronic device and an internet connection. Patients can connect with a doctor from anywhere without the need to travel to the hospital or clinic.

➤ Easy access to healthcare

Telemedicine apps and software built by a telemedicine software development company help users and patients easily access health services. All they need is a smartphone and an internet connection, which are available to almost anyone.

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➤ Reduction in medical costs

Another benefit of telemedicine in healthcare is a reduction in costs for both patients and providers. Patients can save on the costs of trips to hospitals and clinics. Healthcare professionals, on the other hand, can benefit from low admission rates that result in lower operational costs.

➤ Enhances patient satisfaction

A telehealth app development company is facilitating better patient satisfaction by providing custom telemedicine app development solutions. As per a February 2022 McKinsey report, 55% of people believe they receive better care via teleconsultations.

➤ Decreased spread of infections

One more benefit of telemedicine is the reduced spread of infectious diseases. As patients are supervised remotely, they do not come into direct contact with the doctor or other hospital staff. This does not result in the transmission of disease from the patient to other people.

➤ Better quality of medical care

Custom telemedicine app development solutions have improved the quality of medical services. As per a ResearchGate paper published in January 2019, 52.5% of clinicians believe they deliver more effective treatment and follow-ups via teleconsultations

➤ Better management of healthcare operations

Telemedicine and telehealth software have resulted in better management of healthcare operations. With everything being digitalized, doctors and healthcare professionals do not rely on manual processes. Patient appointments and scheduling are simplified, and hospitals have more space for critical patients.

➤ Chronic disease management

Telemedicine benefits healthcare by offering chronic disease management. Patients who suffer from chronic diseases can easily connect with doctors and other healthcare professionals. They do not need to travel back and forth to hospitals and clinics for consultations and check-ups. They can avail of medical services from the comfort and convenience of their homes.


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Final Words

Telemedicine and telehealth have become an indispensable part of healthcare. Telemedicine benefits healthcare in multiple ways. From enhanced patient care and improved outcomes to a reduction in medical costs and disease transmission, telemedicine is upscaling the healthcare industry. If you are also associated with healthcare and want to transform your services, then connect with our telemedicine mobile app development company and incorporate telemedicine into your medical services.

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